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Alexis Insurance Brokers have been supporting businesses for over 20 years. Let us take the stress out of selecting the right business insurance to protect you and your business.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to provide protection to your business whose advice or services may bring harm to another business. This includes, but not limited to, claims of negligence, omissions or breach of duty whilst providing services or advice.

What does that mean? It means that if anyone pays you for advice or service and they decide that it caused their business irreparable harm, you will be faced with a claim that is equivalent to their losses, as well as a request for financial compensation.

Whether their claim is valid or not, you will be obliged to fund a costly legal defence against their claim. Professional Indemnity Insurance covers the cost of litigation whilst you continue to run your business. Most small businesses would not be able to cover the legal cost of defending themselves and could likely become bankrupt in the process. Ensuring that you have the right coverage is a must when protecting the future of your business.

It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer, contractor, consultant, IT professional, or accountant, protecting your business and yourself from potentially damaging claims must be a significant part of your insurance plan. Professional Indemnity Insurance offers protection for you and your business.

Protecting your business’ reputation is also an inclusion of Professional Indemnity Insurance. A false claim could significantly damage your entire business by harming your business reputation within the community. Professional Indemnity Insurance provides you with the backing of a legal and insurance team allowing you to pursue any legal avenues to clear your name and your business reputation.

Our Team of experts will assess your business needs and design an innovative solution to protect your business from the risk of liability or indemnity. Secure the future of your business and discover the right Professional Indemnity Insurance policy for you by speaking with one of our brokers.

Investment Management Insurance

Investment Management Insurance (IMI) is a combined policy of Professional Indemnity (PI), Directors and Officers (D&O) and Crime Insurance cover that covers claims relating to fund management activities.

IMI was specifically designed for those serving within the financial services industry such as investment management firms and fund managers. By combining the three policies (Professional Indemnity, Directors and Officers, and Crime Insurance) any overlaps, discrepancies or gaps between the policies were addressed to create complete coverage for clients.

Within the scope of Investment Management Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance covers the Insured for claims relating to financial loss suffered by third parties as a result of negligence or errors in the investment management services rendered by the firm.

Within the scope of Investment Management Insurance, Directors and Officers Insurance cover the directors and officers of the Insured for claims in relation to wrongful acts of management. This includes unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, occupational health and safety breaches, tax audit, and breach of trade practices to name a few.

Within the scope of Investment Management Insurance, Crime Insurance covers loss of company monies due to theft and fraud. This includes theft from employees internally or from someone outside the firm.

The financial services industry is a unique field that has a high and ever-increasing revenue. Declining returns, unsuitable financial products sales, unreliable advice, and financial market volatility expose investment managers to attacks in today’s litigious environment. Investments Management Insurance is tailored and designed to respond and protect from claims frequently encountered by the investment managers, investments funds, or trusts and professionals, including officers and directors of these firms.

Alexis Insurance Brokers are the experts to partner with when your business needs Investment Management Insurance.

Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers Insurance policies are designed to protect directors and officers from any decisions or actions they may make whilst performing their duties. Directors and officers can become legally obligated to pay on account of claims against them for any wrongful acts that they commit. Since a director can be held personally responsible for acts of the company, most directors and officers will demand to be protected rather than put their personal assets at stake.

Today, there is high Government scrutiny and corporate policies in place for directors and officers and, as such, they are under increased pressure to perform their obligations and duties. Failure to do such responsibilities can lead to personal liability for the individual officers or the entire board of directors. Directors and Officers Insurance will give your executives protection of personal liability and financial loss from wrongful committed acts or allegedly committed in their capacity as a corporate officer.

Directors and Officers Insurance is tailored to protect the companies assets, directors, and any other individuals within the corporation against such claims. A flexible and broad definition of insured persons will apply, covering every future, past, and present executive officers, secretary, director, or employee of the company.

Alexis Insurance Brokers will help you tailor a Directors and Officers Insurance Policy that will fit your business through identifying the corporate and personal exposure to liability.

Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability Insurance covers first and third party financial losses resulting from data breaches and other cyber attacks. It can cover damage to IT/computer systems as a result of malicious activity including viruses and malware, costs to restore systems, resulting loss of income, loss of funds as a result of cybercrime and extortion payments. Policies also cover costs for breaches of customer privacy including notification costs and penalties levied by the privacy commissioner.

As business continues to move online and become further reliant on technology, the exposure for Cyber liabilities to business is ever increasing. Cyberattacks are fast becoming the major talked about business risk worldwide. In Australia, it is estimated to cost the economy about $1billion yearly. Cybercrime is one of the top critical risks that Australian businesses are now facing. ​Almost all companies are dependent on IT. Whether it is Data, POS, Websites, Softwares, and Computer Hardware, they are all at risk.

Cyber Liability Insurance is designed to protect first-party claims, business interruption, and third-party claims. Cyber Liability Insurance will cover the following risks to your business:

  • First-Party Claims – Cover includes the cost you would incur to protect from cyberattacks such as cyber extortion costs, public relation expenses, credit monitoring costs, and hackers ransom payments.
  • Business Interruption – This particular section protects against profits loss resulting from the cyberattack of your business. And necessary additional expenses you might incur to continue your business to perform as usual.
  • Third-Party Claims – It covers your liability to the third parties’ claims from failure to keep the information secure or also known as a privacy breach. This may include liability to any investigations, compensations, penalties, fines, legal presentations expenses, and defence costs.

Businesses with access to confidential and private information about their customers, clients, or partners are responsible for keeping it secure. Equally, businesses that have a dependency on technology or a transactional web presence may make them a target to cyber risk.

Cyber Liability Insurance will provide you peace of mind that your business is protected from cyberattacks.


We have seen the benefit of the services of Alexis Insurance Brokers. They have always provided valuable advice and excellent service which has exceeded our expectations.

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It is without hesitation that Alexis Insurance Brokers could be the best choice for businesses seeking a high level of expertise in insurance.

– Iris Wang, TradeMax Global Markets

Alexis Insurance Brokers have been supporting businesses for over 20 years. Let us take the stress out of selecting the right business insurance to protect you and your business.